Young, Not Silent is the 7th annual citywide youth summit. It is a FREE day of entertainment, music, food, and workshops on issues that matter to young people. Our 2019 Theme is Taking the Torch!

Tangeman University Center at the University of Cincinnati

Saturday, November 23 from 10am – 6:30pm

For all youth in grades 7-12 from throughout Greater Cincinnati

Young, Not Silent is designed by young people, for young people. It engages young people in all steps of the planning, development and execution of the event. 

What is the schedule for the day?
10:00am - Registration Opens
11:00am - Opening Forum Youth Speak Out
12:45pm - Workshop #1
1:30pm – Lunch/Opportunity Fair
2:45pm - Workshop Block #2
3:45pm - Workshop Block #3
4:30pm - Youth Showcase/Dance
6:30pm - Event Ends

What will happen during the Open Session?
Young, Not Silent will kick off with a forum for youth participants to identify what are the most important issues facing Greater Cincinnati. This session will feature small group discussion that will elevate youth voice and break down the barriers that young people experience when engaging with community resources. 

What will happen during Workshop Blocks #1-3?
During Workshop Blocks, presenters will provide 45 minute sessions designed to help young people apply our theme A Call To Action. Grounded in the concept that if you want something to be different, you have to do different, each workshop will focus on equipping youth with skills to better Be one of our 4 BE’s: BE A Leader, BE Aware, BE The Change, BE Your Best Self. 

What will happen during the Youth Showcase?
During the Youth Showcase, the stage will be filled with young people’s talents, creativity and passion. Youth can sign up to perform a song, dance, spoken word, poetry and share additional talents and artwork. After the Youth Showcase, we will turn it over to the DJ and have a dance. It is going to be lit. 

What is happening with food?
Boxed lunches will be served at 1:30pm, so we encourage people to eat breakfast prior to arriving at the event. There will be snacks on hand during the registration period and during the youth showcase as well, so no one should be hungry during the day.

What are the opportunities for adults?
Workshops are designed for young people grades 7-12, but there are opportunities for adults to participate in the day. Adults are welcome to join us for the Breaking Down Barriers session from 11:00am - 12:30pm to hear from young people about their vision for a future where they can overcome barriers and achieve their goals.

How can I get updates about Young, Not Silent?
More information and Registration details can be found on the website at and through social media: Facebook ( and Twitter (@youngnotsilent).

How to get to Young, Not Silent?
Arrival By Bus: 
1. Take the Metro 17 Bus to the University of Cincinnati. 
2. Exit at 2659 Clifton Avenue (There is a Red Bike Kiosk at this bus stop). Volunteers will be stationed here from 10:30am – 12:30pm. 
3. Once off the bus walk up the hill towards McMicken Hall. 
4. Walk across McMicken Commons and Tangeman Center is directly behind McMicken Hall.
5. Enter through the front doors and head to the 4th Floor.

Arrival By Car: 
If you are driving to UC, Park in the CCM Garage.
1. Enter using Corry Blvd, off of Jefferson Ave (street opposite of the BP gas station).
2. Exit the parking levels (P3, P2, P1) through the doors marked Electronic Media.
3. Take the Electronic Media hallway to the elevator/steps to the 4th Floor (Bridge) and exit outside.
4. Walk across the Bridge and Tangeman University Center is at the end of the bridge.
5. Enter the building and go up to the 4th Floor

Arrival By Drop-off: 
1. If you are being dropped off at UC, drop off at the Red Bike Kiosk at 2659 Clifton Avenue (in between Calhoun and MLK). Volunteers will be stationed here from 10:30am – 12:30pm. 
2. Walk up the hill towards McMicken Hall. 
3. Walk across McMicken Commons and Tangeman Center is directly behind McMicken Hall.
4. Enter through the front doors and head to the 4th Floor.

Additional Questions? Contact Shawn Jeffers at