Young, Not Silent:
Breaking Down Barriers

Workshop guidelines
2019 Theme: Taking The Torch

All workshops should actively engage young people in grades 7 - 12 and connect to one of the 4 BE's below:
Be a Leader: Workshops should help participants identify their leadership style and grow their confidence in order to be a positive influence among their peers.

Be Aware: Workshops that explore aspects of diversity and inclusion or encourage young people to step outside of their comfort zone.

Be The Change: Workshops that help young people engage in activism. Workshops should provide practical ways for young people to be more assertive and how to have their voice heard.

Be Your Best Self: Workshops that promote physical and mental health and/or provide pathways for students to advance their future goals.

Examples of Past Workshops
Building The Next Generation Of Leaders
Standing on the Top
Is the World Ready for My Mouth
Be Your Own Hero
Level Up: Leading With Excellence
Identifying Your Strengths to Navigate Your Pathway in Life
Learning at the Intersection: Why You Don’t Have to Entertain Dehumanization as a Viewpoint
ACT-SO: NAACP High School Talent Competition
Get The Best Bag
Making Positive First Impressions
Living Your Best Life: Create Your Personal Mission and Vision statement
Why Cultural Appropriation Isn’t Cool
Try and Try Again: Never Give Up on your Goals
Empowering Other Students to be a Voice for Change and Social Justice
Do You Hear What I Hear? 

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